Strategy & Design

At Brickwin, quality is a way of life, covering all Processes, Interactions and Deliverables. We go above and beyond to deliver error free solutions. We view our processes and methodologies as an inherent feature enabling us to exceed customer expectations.

Relationship Management & Communication

Communication often tends to go harder especially across different geographies, cultures, work environments and areas of specialties, which makes it difficult at times to deliver what is expected. We at Brickwin adjust work schedules, involve teams to communicate at various stages to ensure transparency on each front between customers and our development teams, where critical issues can be resolved in real time.

We organize standup meetings via phone at frequent intervals to get rapid feedback on status and potential problems, if any. We encourage Instant Messaging (IM) when required as a less formal and more interactive way of communication.

Our well defined guidelines and processes have enabled our customers and internal teams working on the same project to interact and share information anytime to ensure everyone is in the same line of engagement and delivery. We encourage our customers to visit our development centers to build personal relationship between teams, which makes subsequent communications more effective.

Project Management

Our project management processes are defined and supported by practices in line with the CMMI guidelines. We at Brickwin address every key aspect of a project across the project life- cycle including:

  • Project planning
  • Project monitoring, reporting procedure and review mechanisms
  • Project risk management
  • Configuration management
  • Change management


At Brickwin, our quality processes and methodologies enable us to effectively co-ordinate and communicate internally as well as with our customers. We ensure that people and processes are connected, which results in more programmed,precise and efficient operations. Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, IT, and Finance teams, with their numerous processes are optimized with the entire quality initiative, retaining a strong customer focus and encouraging repeat business.