Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC (pay per Click) it is also called CPC (Cost per Click) . It is an Internet advertising tool for advertising your business for direct traffic for your website. In this process advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked . Its is the way of buying visits your site. Is allow advertisers to bid for ad placement in search engine sponsored link when some one search as per keyword which relevent as per your business. Its generate more business traffic and enquiries and conversion rate for your business. PPC is the most effective way for the Lead generation.

Benefits of PPC
  • Most effective way of lead generation
  • Increase the business traffic and conversion rate of your website
  • Real time trackability
  • Increase local visibilty
  • Connect with customers across the web
  • Increase brand reputation and brand awareness

PPC Tools
  • Google adwords
  • Yahoo Bing Network
  • Microsoft ad center

At Brickwin we offers to optimize your busines increase brand reputaion and brand awareness of your business provide real time trackability. We create keyword bidding as per budget for managing the Ads. We target the right audience form the right place for incraese the local visibility on the Web.